Open Door Policy

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

You’ve heard it before. Maybe from your manager, or in the glossy handbook provided at orientation. Organizations love throwing around the term “open door policy” to ensure employees feel that they have an outlet to share concerns. Yet, how many of those doors are actually open? Is anyone walking through them?

The Chief Engagement Officer blog has it’s doors wide open. I want to engage with both the employee and the employer on issues of engagement. I want to hear your questions and concerns. I want you to barge right in, stay a while and put your feet on my desk. I want us to come together to find solutions to questions such as, “why are my people stealing all the office supplies?” or “why do I come to work to play four hours of angry birds?”

I’m not your every day CEO. My motive is engagement and I may have a tendency to get all warm and fuzzy from time to time. Engagement in the workplace might not be at the top of your inbox, but I’m hoping we can at least get it in the pile. I am committed to driving organizations forward by putting people first. You spend too much time at work as it is. You can waste the hours wishing you were somewhere else…. or wishing you had better people working for you. I’d rather you waste your working hours checking out this blog. Hopefully we’ll all learn something and get back to work.

The very popular Allison Green of Ask a Manager has her own open door policy. She answers questions people have from her slightly sassy management perspective. She is a valuable resource for individuals who are job seeking, giving no-nonsense advice and ideas. As CEO, I would rather not advise you on job hunting…lets look at cultivating the lawn in our own backyard before checking if the grass is greener. Topic aside, Allison’s style is refreshing, honest and informative. Using her approach, I hope to get us talking about engagement in the workplace.

So, what are your questions, concerns and ideas on the subject? The CEO is in and the door is WIDE open.

  1. susanrooney says:

    I like the honesty and friendliness in your post. To be honest, I found in my corporate world HR very useful as a manager, but as an employee (we are usually both) I found myself distrusting of the department, knowing that their loyalty lay with the firm not with me as an individual. I think its the hardest aspect of HR to really be perceived as wanting to work on both sides of the fence …or door as the image may suggest 🙂

  2. Susanna says:

    Joanna, I like your style. All too often people spend time on thinking that the grass is greener on the other side when in reality it quite often isn’t. My question is, how does an organization create an open door policy that leaves employees feeling confident that their feedback is taken as positive or constructive rather than negative and career limiting?

  3. Vilma says:

    Great look at how so many corporations policy neglect the actual interaction with their employees. I have to say that my company tries to walk the talk. Although sometime we all get the feeling that we are talking to ourseslves.

  4. Vilma says:

    Great look at how some companies policies are a little out date. I think that we have all been there where we don’t feel like we ar ebeing heard.

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