Case of the Mondays….

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The CEO knows that we all get a case of the Monday’s from time to time. What happens when that nasty case comes on every day for the rest of the week? Instead of giving them reason to leave their current job, give them the opportunity to grow, be challenged and feel job satsifaction – each and every day. The top strategies to enrich your employee’s job include:  

10.) Examine the whole picture – instead of asking your employee to do one single task, help them see the project from start to finish. If your employee only chops the onions, shouldn’t he still be able to taste and serve the soup?

9.) Give them a client. Even if you are not in a client focused industry, asking your employee to get in touch with a customer can be hugely rewarding. They are accountable for helping shape the perceptions of the organizations through at least one set of eyes.

8.) No man is an island, so encourage team projects that match employees with different colleagues. They can learn from the variety of strengths and see new perspectives. By working on a self-directed project, employees can take on leadership positions within their team.

7.) Get them involved in decisions that impact the workplace. Have them interview new hires, make budget suggestions or even decide the theme to the holiday party. Employees who are encouraged to speak out feel valued.

6.) Reward creativity and encourage employees to contribute their best ideas. Go beyond a suggestion box. Have brainstorming sessions, ask for outside-the-box ideas or allow employees to create.

5.) Movers and shakers are more likely to stay within the organization if put in the right assignments. Examine the idea of a transfer or promotion. If not possible, a rotational assignment will help spice up the mundane.

4.) Ask them how they think they are doing, beyond the annual review. Informal self-reviews encourage employees to look at their own performance and assess how they are contributing to the organization. This process can uncover outstanding issues but also hold the employee accountable for their day to day activities.

3.) Help your employees learn new skills, upgrade their knowledge or take courses outside of work. Training employees can add to job enrichment as employees recognize the time, effort and resources invested.

2.) Review the job description. Ask your employee what they would like changed about their job. Perhaps there is opportunity to shift responsibilities within the department. What do they find rewarding, and what do they find de-motivating?

1.) Set Goals with your employee. Job enrichment can also be about moving to the next level, and understanding the path to get there. The manager’s legacy is developing their people and seeing them succeed.  

Review this list anytime you notice an employee staring into their coffee, complaining of a case of the Mondays… any day of the week.

  1. kmangat says:

    Great post! So many employers need to read this post, I think it would help solve a lot of the problems with productivity! So many times it comes down to empowering employees and rewarding them for their input. Really great job! 🙂

  2. Those are some great tips for employers to make the workplace a better place for their employees. Giving employees a sense of accomplishment and empowerment are great tools. 🙂

  3. VM says:

    Ten great tips, thank you. Have you ever used any of these, either yourself or with an employee. I would be interested to know what you thought of the outcome.

    • Thanks for your question. I like to think I keep all ten top of mind when dealing with a disengaged employee as each situation calls for a unique approach. I’ve had employees do cross-training or rotational assignments, which has helped with succession planning and enhanced committment to the company. I often feel the most valuable exercise is to review the job description and set goals. Sometimes you can help your employee grow by simply reviewing their purpose within, then helping them see how to strive within.

  4. Great post Joanna! I love this list and it is so true that employers really need to invest in the satisfaction of their workforce. I always enjoy new project in being involved in more than one aspect of my organization. I feel more respected (and satisfied) when given new opportunities to grow.

  5. I thought I was the only one who suffered a case of the Monday’s from time to time! Great list of tips and suggestions. I think it is also great for employees to know what options they have to suggest to their workplace to be proactive in improving their job.

  6. susanrooney says:

    Great blog Joanna. I would agree with all your comments. Sometimes its just the fact that an employee feels noticed and listened to that keeps them engaged. It can be so difficult when there isn’t room to move them up the corporate ladder so your ideas make good sense.

  7. Another great post. I am a true believer in encouraging a team to see the big picture in an organization. All too often departments work in silo which isn’t effective and can be demoralizing. To understand one’s contribution to the bigger picture is empowering and motivating. I really like your onion soup analogy.

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