Not your average Joes.

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The holiday season is fast approaching, where HR managers nervously revise waivers and wrangle the social committee into action. Instead of trying to make everyone happy with a non-secular, vegan friendly, low-budget, non-alcoholic holiday party at the office… this CEO is heading to Joe’s. 

In booking my holiday party at Joe Fortes, I know that I can leave everything up to the pros. Menus have options for all dietary needs, the service is excellent, the food is outstanding, and nobody will complain that there is no karaoke machine. 

Before we show up in our holiday best, I had better do some homework. In tracking Joe Fortes through Social Media, I should be able to learn a thing or two about this iconic Vancouver restaurant. I will analyze presence through Addict-o-matic, SocialMention and Twitalyzer.

Addictomatic definitely lives up to its name. One could spend a lot of time on this site, as it opens up a large range of links to explore. It wasnt always relevant to the restaurant itself, but did show an awful lot of tempting photos through flickr. 

Twitalyzer showed that Joe Fortes as a 1.2 impact, 56 Klout score and 2563 followers. While their twitter presence is strong for a single standing restaurant, Twitalyzer is showing a low impact with a lot of room for improvement. This tool will assist the restaurant in future as they focus more on expanding their followers. Interestingly enough, last week they held a “Tweet-Up” which generated an impact of 6.2! 

Social mention is the most powerful tool of the three by far. This website is very easy to use, as when you drag your mouse over sections an explanation pops up. I was pleased to see that the sentiment is 27:1 in a ratio of positive mentioned. They have a 33% passion score which reflects a small group of passionate followers who speak about the company repeatedly. Talk about engagement! The reach was listed at 31% and the strength at 5%. This is the best tracking tool for the restaurant’s management – or even their patrons – to get a good idea of what people are saying. I love how this tool “searches across the universe” to give a perfect snapshot of online presence. 

So, what are people out there saying? I’m happy to take their comments to heart as I need to win over Jan in Accounting, the strict vegan…(dont worry, they are cooking for her too!) I’ll use a rating system of +1 for a positive, 0 for a neutral and -1 for a negative.  

And the verdict? 10/10 for positive rating from the last ten mentions. 

Angus Reid ‏@angusreid64 @joefortesvan as always, Treats you like a winner. Even after a loss.#greatplace #greatpeople

Kimberley Davison ‏@EastVanKim says: Holy moley, chef’s table @JoeFortesVan was amazing. 5 star service, as usual. Thanks so much to the lucky @VanVantage for sharing!

The chef’s table menu at @joefortesvan looks delicious!@EastVanKim is having the omelette & @kmyles the waffles

Funky Babushka ‏@FunkyBabushka Surf & turf Hash, Rib steak, Caramelized onion, mushroom hash, hand peeled @ Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House 

Blubird ‏@BlubirdTweetsFor a festive cocktail leading up to the Holiday season, our neighborhood @JoeFortesVan is always a favourite – they shake up a great cosmo!

WEVancouver ‏@WEVancouver Readers Choice Winners – Seafood – Congrats 2: @bluewatercafeCoast – Rodney’s Oyster House @JoeFortesVan

 Kathy Ko ‏@kathygko My fav! Succulent Sablefish at @JoeFortesVan #JFTweetup @ Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House 

 Jacinta Caughlan ‏@JacintaCaughlan #Oystergasm #JFTweetUp at @JoeFortesVan 

 Christie Lohr ‏@Christie_Lohr Mmm amazing seafood at @JoeFortesVan#jftweetup with@Heidi_Hofstad. Fresh crab and the prawn tempura my top picks so far.

Dee dlS ‏@deedls I usually keep my food tweets @gastrofork but this is freaking amazing: Chicken and waffles. #JFtweetup

What did I learn from looking at all these mentions, photos and endorsements? I am hungry. This restaurant is going to be a smash hit, and the employees will all likely be as pleased as their followers. I am impressed that Joe Fortes is taking things to the next level with their online presence through hosting tweet ups! Thats one party I’d like to be at. 

  1. Interesting application for this assignment. Never thought of using it to track restaurant reviews, but now you know you’re on a safe bet! Well done!

  2. VM says:

    Fun topic to review. I have heard great things about Joe Fortes and based on your research it looks like this a favorite spot for the locals. Enjoy the party you made a greatt choice.

  3. susanrooney says:

    I’ve never been to Joe Fortes but your information intriqued me. Great job.

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