HR Bartender? I’ll have another.

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like your local bartender, we HR professionals need to be good listeners when someone needs to talk. Sharlyn Lauby, a HR professional turned consultant goes by the name of HR Bartender. Her blog is exceptional, so I wanted to see how she might serve Facebook.

Her Facebook fan page has 6,140 Likes, which is an impressive amount of patrons! She is crafting some fine posts from behind the bar on her blog, but her facebook page has some definite opportunities.

1.) A HR bartender should be engaging, and while she is able to reach out and engage on her blog, she doesnt do so on Facebook. I believe this is a missed opportunity as she could be engaging with a completely different audience.

2.) The content is exactly what she is posting on her blog. She doesnt often post status updates, rather links articles to her blog without offering an introduction. If she took time to share a few thoughts a week, all 6000 followers would see her comments in their newsfeed. A busy HR professional doesnt always have the time to read blog articles in full, but they will sneak a quick facebook break.

3.) On that note, she should also take advantage of her industry followers by posting polls, contests or fill-in-the-blank questions on facebook. She does this on her blog from time to time which generates quite a response. However, facebook has a multitude of plug-ins that should be explored.

4.) While it is always nice to get to know the bartender, some of her posts are too personal. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, she posts pictures of restaurants and entrees. Some followers might like this personal touch, however I feel that these photos would best serve a separate facebook page. I don’t see how the HR community benefits from looking at what she had for dinner.
All in all, the HR bartender is someone I will continue to get to know through my newsfeed. A great bartender, she would be wise to engage a bit differently with her Facebook followers. I look forward to seeing what she serves up next!


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