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Trust Me

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

In “The Skillful Teacher”, Brookfield writes on trusting your inner voice in the classroom. He states “Accept the possibility that your instincts, intuitions and insights might possess as much validity as those of experts in the field”. He makes a great point about giving yourself credit for the experiences you bring to the environment. After all, if you are teaching on a subject you are likely going to bring a wealth of knowledge to the students you are working with. I’ve often considered the “imposter syndrome” in a classroom. Sometimes I feel so new to instruction that I wonder if all the students are aware that I’m just getting my feet wet.

Thanks to Brookfield’s advice, I am going to remember the three I’s..




and for better or for worse, I am going to learn to trust them. Hopefully my students in turn will trust me.


My blogging is slogging

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I delve into the Blogosphere after a hiatus, it’s great to see what my classmates in PIDP 3260 are doing. Here are some fantastic resources for adult educators:

Kimberly Williams has a fantastic, hilarious blog on Role Play in the classroom. A great quote:

You can’t learn sign language by studying it in a book. You have to use it, practice it. play with it, roll it around in your fingers, if you will.

Gary Franceschini has a blog that helped me discover a fascinating Ted Talk in Online Education. Having just completed my PIDP 3240 course in Media Enhanced Learning, I found this Ted Talk from Daphne Koller amazing.  I laughed when she said “Turns out students like getting the best content from the best universities for free”

Mikael Volke has a great blog with an insider’s view on an industry near and dear to my heart. He writes as an Instructor from SAIT in the Culinary program. His blog has a great format and is really professional in look and content. It’s also nice to see MY blog is on his blogroll….!

Blogger envy just inspires me to get my blog in tip top shape. Thanks PIDP counterparts for the resources!

Perspective on TPI

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Funny what a little perspective can offer…

I completed the Teaching Perspectives Inventory. I took the position of facilitator in the workplace as champion of training and development. My results indicated that I am playing it safe in the 30’s zone for Apprenticeship, Developmental and Nurturing perspectives. I am lowest in Social Reform.

I initially was concerned with my low score in Social Reform, questioning if this is a blind spot area I need to focus on. After some deliberation I’ve reflected that this score is accurate – and should maybe even be lower. I do not see it as my role to drive social reform in the classroom. Certainly I want to focus on Apprenticeship, Developmental and Nurturing, as this shows students I care about their interests. I want to increase my Transmission scores to ensure that the content is resonating. However, I am comfortable with giving students the information for them to draw their own conclusions. I do not wish to rally a cause in the classroom if instructing hospitality or HR.

Curious to know if an assessment like this one has ever made you initially question if the scores should be ‘higher’…?

Here is my report to consider:

Teaching Perspectives Inventory



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I started this blog in 2012 when I was in a Social Media Marketing Course at BCIT. It’s amazing to think how I’ve shifted gears since then. Always the student, I decided I wanted to teach adult education and stumbled upon this amazing program at VCC. I will soon be finishing the PIDP program and will be pursuing a Masters in Leadership at Royal Roads in 2016. I am excited by the future – and terrified all at the same time. My goal is to teach HR or Management at a Vancouver College or Hospitality school next year.

This blog should never have been abandoned. I really enjoyed posting back then and am glad there’s an excuse to revive it. I especially liked my BIO:

As CEO – Chief Engagement Officer – I’m committed to ensuring that the hours you spend at work are fulfilling and productive. This HR department isn’t warm and fuzzy. It’s getting real to shape your 9-5 so that you never, ever, have a case of the mondays. 

I should revise it to say that while I still think I can be an organizations “Chief Engagement Officer”, I know it’s difficult to always stay engaged. That applies to the workplace and the classroom. I am committed to developing those around me so people can feel fulfillment in their day to day. I enjoy finding aspiring leaders and supporting their growth. I am passionate about the world of HR and making organizations great.

Looking forward to this class and learning from all of you.