Perspective on TPI

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Funny what a little perspective can offer…

I completed the Teaching Perspectives Inventory. I took the position of facilitator in the workplace as champion of training and development. My results indicated that I am playing it safe in the 30’s zone for Apprenticeship, Developmental and Nurturing perspectives. I am lowest in Social Reform.

I initially was concerned with my low score in Social Reform, questioning if this is a blind spot area I need to focus on. After some deliberation I’ve reflected that this score is accurate – and should maybe even be lower. I do not see it as my role to drive social reform in the classroom. Certainly I want to focus on Apprenticeship, Developmental and Nurturing, as this shows students I care about their interests. I want to increase my Transmission scores to ensure that the content is resonating. However, I am comfortable with giving students the information for them to draw their own conclusions. I do not wish to rally a cause in the classroom if instructing hospitality or HR.

Curious to know if an assessment like this one has ever made you initially question if the scores should be ‘higher’…?

Here is my report to consider:

Teaching Perspectives Inventory



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