My blogging is slogging

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

As I delve into the Blogosphere after a hiatus, it’s great to see what my classmates in PIDP 3260 are doing. Here are some fantastic resources for adult educators:

Kimberly Williams has a fantastic, hilarious blog on Role Play in the classroom. A great quote:

You can’t learn sign language by studying it in a book. You have to use it, practice it. play with it, roll it around in your fingers, if you will.

Gary Franceschini has a blog that helped me discover a fascinating Ted Talk in Online Education. Having just completed my PIDP 3240 course in Media Enhanced Learning, I found this Ted Talk from Daphne Koller amazing.  I laughed when she said “Turns out students like getting the best content from the best universities for free”

Mikael Volke has a great blog with an insider’s view on an industry near and dear to my heart. He writes as an Instructor from SAIT in the Culinary program. His blog has a great format and is really professional in look and content. It’s also nice to see MY blog is on his blogroll….!

Blogger envy just inspires me to get my blog in tip top shape. Thanks PIDP counterparts for the resources!


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