Trust Me

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

In “The Skillful Teacher”, Brookfield writes on trusting your inner voice in the classroom. He states “Accept the possibility that your instincts, intuitions and insights might possess as much validity as those of experts in the field”. He makes a great point about giving yourself credit for the experiences you bring to the environment. After all, if you are teaching on a subject you are likely going to bring a wealth of knowledge to the students you are working with. I’ve often considered the “imposter syndrome” in a classroom. Sometimes I feel so new to instruction that I wonder if all the students are aware that I’m just getting my feet wet.

Thanks to Brookfield’s advice, I am going to remember the three I’s..




and for better or for worse, I am going to learn to trust them. Hopefully my students in turn will trust me.


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