Goals for Gold

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the workplace, teams and departments set goals for each fiscal year, quarter or project. Goals are posted for all to see and even tied to salary increases and promotions. They are essential to effectively running a business and aligning the team.

Yet, in the classroom – are we doing this? Are learners thinking about their goals for each course, or is it merely to “pass”? This Article from Faculty Focus shares great examples of how to engage students. Setting goals at the beginning of the course can support students take ownership of the learning process.

David Thompson has his students do reflective goal setting exercises. After the second, he finds “substantive evidence of progress, which tells me the students are understanding better the relationship among goals, practice, and learning.”

Not only does this help with students achieving academic goals, it supports their understanding of the act of learning itself. I love this idea and will have every student try this exercise. That’s a goal I’ll set for myself.


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