Ethical Dilemma – Not a friendly scenario

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I watched Boyhood the other day. In this movie, the Mom brings home her students for a party in her home. The students played guitar, told stories, drank wine, ate food. In one scene, a student is even in her son’s room. Later, the instructor develops a relationship and starts living with one of her students.

It made me wonder how friendly is too friendly?

This Article by Brian West speaks to this dilemma. The landscape has changed where instructors can be friends with students, as this can increase engagement. I dont know if you need to have cocktail parties, but chatting to students about their lives, attending campus events and maybe even sharing a meal in the cafeteria should not be seen as a bad thing. Where it does cross the line is when favourtism exists. Or, like Boyhood depicts… dating a student!


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