Where to from here…?

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

My 3260 Assignment is to comment on where I am professionally and where I see myself in five years. I am currently sitting in sweatpants covered in pureed carrots that my 6 month old flung at me. Maternity Leave has been amazing so far, but sometimes I forget that there is a professional side to me. That side is taking a breather to be the CEO of baby Declan.

The PIDP program has been a rewarding project during nap time. Once I finish the program in early 2016, I would like to get my name out to the Hospitality programs locally and start teaching part time. Balancing my passion for HR and Hospitality, I know I would love to teach courses that encompass the two. Luckily there are fantastic diplomas and degrees for students who want to major in Tourism, but need to learn HR as well. Jackpot!

In addition to the PIDP, I will volunteer my time in classrooms at Capilano University, Douglas College, VCC and any other school that will have me! I will also begin a Masters of Arts in Leadership in January 2016. This will help me get to the next level for me personally in a subject area I find fascinating.

For now, I will focus on teaching my baby the basic skills… like holding a spoon. In the next five years? There are so many roads to take, and I cant wait to see where they lead me.


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