Resistance to Learning

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Brookfield writes:

“Many college-aged learners who have managed to negotiate a path to higher education have previously been told they’re too dumb for college”. They’ve suffered persistent sarcasm, systematic humiliation and peer ridicule for their apparent lack of intelligence or commitment”

I read this statement a few times. Can you imagine getting into College, selecting your courses and arriving to class, while fighting the imposter syndrome of not feeling you are smart enough to be there? I wanted to argue against this point, and say that very few students would feel “too dumb” for College, but I am sure Brookfield is correct in this assertion.

I remember taking math in University. A pre-requisite for my program, I did not feel smart enough to be in the program. I didnt think that I could ever succeed in math. I told myself I was too dumb, even sharing with my classmate beside me that I wasnt smart enough to be in the class. Guess what? I failed. Miserably. By telling myself I wasnt smart enough for the course, I proved it. When I took the course again, I had a better outlook and received 86%.

Sometimes hearing “you’re too dumb” from yourself or others will make you believe it, even when it’s not true.


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