University Scam?

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Canada has some internationally recognized post-secondary institutions. On the other hand, there are many schools in Canada that are considered a scam and are gaining poor reputations abroad.

Recently, Everest College in Ontario closed it’s doors due to financial concerns. CBC’s investigation showed that students and faculty thought the operation was flawed, allowing students ample opportunity to pass exams, despite not being qualified to do so. Everest College is one of 543 private career colleges in Ontario.

This brings up questions about “Diploma Mill’s” and how Canada’s lack of accreditation systems mean that schools are operating without transparent accountability. International students are especially vulnerable, often not understanding the difference between private and public institutions or the accreditation process.

Ontario has made changes to the Private Career Colleges Act, however federal legislation should be implemented. No student, or instructor should be the victim of a for-profit institution’s desire to take advantage of the learning environment. While there are many institutions doing a wonderful job preparing students for their careers, it’s important that we blow the whistle on schools that dont make the grade.


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