Foundations of Learning

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a University Program introduced me to some really amazing concepts related to learning. It was called Foundations, a program for first year University Students in the Arts program. It is no longer available at UBC, as Arts One is the more popular option. Nonetheless, the lessons learned stay with me as I look towards education in the post secondary environment. The innovative ways we learned were:

TEAM TEACH – five faculty members with varying backgrounds shaped the lesson plans and curriculum. This teach teaching benefited the instructors and the students, as each offered a unique perspective. I always appreciated the debates that the instructors would find themselves in, adding richness to the learning experience.

TUTORIALS – in these small groups, I would interact with my peers and discuss the week’s learning goals. It was guided by a graduate student. We were expected to show up prepared so we could really dissect the material and learn collectively.

THEME – We would select various broad topics and explore the themes through a variety of mediums. I recall even watching the movie Shrek to discuss postmodernism. Not to say the course was all cartoons, but the instructors thought of out-of-the-box techniques to engage our learning

Interesting now all these years later to revisit that first year of post secondary. More than an appreciation of being in the University environment, there are lasting lessons that continue. Obviously, they were solidifying my foundation in more ways than one.


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