Siberia Zone

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ira Shor describes the back of the classroom as the “Siberia Zone”. These are the seats far away from the front, or by the door, where the instructor is not able to survey the action.

How simple is it to think that you can attempt to reach those resisting to learn by taking a trek into the chilly, frosted Siberian abyss. What a novel concept to move around the room, instead of standing behind a podium to reach students.

To take this further, an exercise of posting signs in different parts of the class with differing viewpoints can get you moving. As instructor, you might stand in the centre to introduce the lesson, then move to the signs to deliver short lectures using the “tongue” of the viewpoint.

“Students say that bringing in a simple spatial difference…helps underscore the differences between perspectives and clarify what each represents”

So get moving. Maybe the frosty Siberian students might actually warm up to you.


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