Life Long Learning

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am starting a Masters Program in January through Royal Roads University. As a part of my two year program, I spend two weeks in Victoria living in residence. In a dorm. With shared bathroom facilities. I put my application in yesterday for my residence, and couldn’t help but panic. What am I doing? Who do I think I am? Aren’t I too old to be going “back to school”…again?

I quickly shook that feeling off. Life long learning is what I’ve signed up for on this journey to being an instructor. In order to follow my goals, I require a Masters to teach at the level I would like. At the same time, it’s something I desire on a personal level. I should have done this years ago, but like many things I put it off waiting for the ‘right time’. So, here I am stressing about if it’s too late?

Enough worrying if I’m too old, its time to get my shower caddy ready for residence. I am going to put my mind into this program and start thinking of the program after. In fact, I found out that SFU has a Seniors Lifelong Learners group that I might join one day. My grandmother emailed me into her 90’s, so why shouldnt I stay learning until I’m that age? (Mind you it wont be emailing 50 years from now… I’ll need to learn how to use the computer chip in my arm or whatever).


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