Funny ha ha?

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

When thinking about effective strategies for engaging learners, it’s interesting to reflect on the role humour plays in the classroom. One author believes this is a key to help even discipline, but warns of the dangers of confusing sarcasm.

Students are not looking for a stand up comedian, but are much more likely to stay engaged when the instructor infuses a little levity and laughs. Not all subjects need to be approached with a serious academic view. I have contemplated using the sitcom “The Office” to illustrate Organizational Behaviour.

One tactic that can be used is poking fun at ourselves and each other in a respectful way. This strategy can connect the students and help relax the environment. An example might be teasing a student for his ring tone if it goes off in class.

There’s the other side of the humour spectrum which includes innocent pranks. Here’s a fun video of an april fool’s prank that left one teacher a little speechless.



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