Advice on managing a classroom

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Almost 15 years ago, I volunteered my time at a private school in Vancouver, teaching kids drama. Funnily enough, this was the same school our new Prime Minister taught at, but I digress.

I remember getting a lot of advice from other teachers to help me deal with these hyper children. In adult education, gaining advice is still a worthwhile endeavour as you learn better techniques. This chart:  Managing A Classroom  initially resonated with 27 great tips.

It’s a great reminder to listen, learn, lead, engage, demonstrate, communicate. I’m working on watch, observe and ask others.

Upon further consideration, there are a few points here that are better left with elementary school students.

These include:

  • Videotaping the class to discuss the behaviour (I cant think of anything more uncomfortable).
  • A signal for when the class gets off track (What, a whistle like in Kindergarten?)
  • Teach students meditation (Unless you are teaching yoga,leave this one out)

While advice is great, some advice is better to be ignored. After all, this infographic reminds us to say the mantra “YOU are the teacher”.


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