Grads aren’t good enough

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

The CIBC CEO, Victor Dodig has stated what we already know… there are gaps in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engingeering & Mathematics) training in the post-secondary environment. The result is that we run the risk of losing our on innovation, which can fuel our economy.


“We have gaps — we’re not producing the types of skills that industries need,” ….”A lot of people are overeducated and underqualified for the jobs that are needed.”

These quotes are an essential reminder of the instructor’s role in many college classrooms. Our job is to help prepare creative, critical thinkers who are job market ready upon graduation. I agree that we overeducate, but underqualify. Curriculum development needs to take these things into account.

Another consideration is for educators at the elementary and highschool level. Girls need to be driven to STEM careers and not discouraged from these professions. This is a key element to insuring the innovative future of our marketplace.


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