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Say What???

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Blogs are like endless water cooler talks at the office. They serve as a way to share information with an active audience. In business, especially in the area of Human Resources, it is important to read blogs and participate where necessary. There is no manual that you receive upon entering into management. You were probably trained in every single area of your job except the main function of it. Blogs such as the CEO are important venues for management to interact, pose questions, and learn from others. They can serve as a source of reflection when dealing with difficult management issues. They can serve as the answer to a frustrated google search (…be honest, who hasn’t faced an issue without rushing to google). They can serve as a moments respite when you should be doing other things! All in all, blogs are an excellent source of information sharing. As bloggers, it is a great tool to strengthen one’s brand, whether it be for business or your own name. Just be careful not to say anything specific that might lead back to your business or any individuals you manage!

To leverage the power of blogging:

1.) Get connected… ensure you are growing your following through exposing your blog to various sites. Share your content. Seek out new friends. Ask for input from guests. Grow and grow and grow!

2.) Stay relevant… be sure to write what you know, but don’t just blurt out whatever comes to mind. It is important to create well constructed blogs that are interesting to read. This requires thought, research and time. Be sure to post articles that you think would engage with your readers. By doing so, you will be propelling yourself forward as you articulate HR lessons through your posts.

3.) Keep at it… I’ve learned that a blog can take a few minutes of a few hours to write. The important thing to remember is that blogging is a commitment that needs TLC. The audience you’ve worked hard to retain is interested in hearing what you have to say next. Keep posting!

I will take my own advice as I attempt to grow my CEO blog… hope you keep reading!