Post Secondary Sensitivity

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Universities are under the microscope these days. You cant open the newspaper without reading about demands for resignations,  sexual abuse allegations, freedom of speech being violated, and more recently: costume parties and yoga.

These newsworthy stories bring to light if student activism is really directed to the right topics. Of course sexual abuse allegations and racism need to be addressed. However, is the cultural appropriation of YOGA seriously a hot button issue?

I love Neil Macdonald’s views:

The ferocity of those who wander the halls of the academy, demanding resignations and re-education of others (never of themselves), and the shutdown of programs and discussion of their distress, seems limitless.

You can only wonder how accommodating it prepares students for the offensive, noisy, pitiless world they’re about to enter.

Instructors need to channel this passion and fire into something worthy of post-secondary attention. That is, good old fashion debate and discourse. Taking it to the level of protesting the existence of established things (be it programs, social events or someone’s livelihood!) is not what the student experience is meant to be.


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