Core Assumptions

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Brookfield makes core assumptions about skillful teaching which really resonate with me. These include: “Skillful teaching is whatever helps student learn, Skillful teachers adopt a critically reflective stance toward their practice and Skillful teachers need…awareness of how students are experiencing their learning and perceiving teacher’s actions”.

The fourth assumption states that “college students of any age should be treated as adults”. Of course, I thought! Isn’t that obvious? How is it my job to treat them as anything BUT adults?  On the other side of the coin, Brookfield does speak to the transformational learning time from 18-22 years old. This period involves a lot of self-awareness and purposeful discovery. So while it’s important that instructors treat students as adults, there should be an appreciation of this phase of the learner’s life. As instructors, we hold some influence over the students and can shape this formative time. While treating students as adults, there is still opportunity to act as a role model, share advice or guide these students differently than you would a peer.

So, treat students as adults, but recognize you are the adultier adult at times and should recognize that influence.


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